Process Operator


This course is designed to provide fresh candidates and technicians with the basic theoretical and practical knowledge involved in
the process operation of crude oil. The demand for petroleum products are increasing day by day. In order to meet the increasing demand extensive exploration is going on around the globe and new production sites are being developed leading to additional manpower requirements. Since oil and gas industry is prone to accidents of fire hazards due to the highly inflammable property of crude oil and gas selection of competent and experienced manpower is essential for the smooth running of the industry. A fresh candidate from a college or university is required to undergo few months specialised of training to gain sufficient experience before he can be entrusted with any responsibility.


The above course is a highly practical oriented program. Essentially the course deals with the following aspects of crude oil processing. Crude oil obtained from the earth contains water; salts and hydrocarbon gases. They are to be separated near the source itself before crude oil can be transported to the refinery. The important process operations involved are Phase separation,
Desalting, Stabilization, Gas compression, Gas sweetening and Liquefaction. The syllabus encompasses all gamut’s of subjects from the origin of petroleum, to all the various aspects of the process operations mentioned above. Important properties and specifications of various types of crude oil, Work Permit System and other finer aspects of safety, Instrumentation and Process
control, and HSE are also included in the syllabus. There is also a well equipped laboratory containing various process equipments with connected pipeline in a miniature scale to enable the students to learn comprehensively. In addition as a part of the course the students will undergo different modules of computer based training (CBT) to gain additional knowledge. This helps the students to link what they have learned in the class room and the lab with equipments, facilities and activities in an actual plant.