Oil & Gas Piping Supervisor


The Piping Engineering training program offered at Creative is the technology and standard used for Oil & Gas Piping or Process Plant Piping per ASME B31.3.

Piping is that conveys the fluids and gases under pressure with or without temperature within the fence of a Petrochemical, Petroleum Refinery, Oil Rig and Gas Processing Plant falls under the scope of ASME B 31.3.

Piping Systems and Pipe Lines are complex arrangement of pipes of different sizes and schedules, valves of different types, sizes and classes, components of multitude designs and purposes, different types of supports, and process control instrumentation.

Examination & Certification

Exams are conducted at each stage of the course to assess the ability and understanding of the students and a final examination will be conducted at the end of the course. “PG Diploma in Oil & Gas Piping Engineering” will be issued to successful students accredited by International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA.