Oil & Gas Piping – Pipe Fabricator


The fabrication and installation of piping system in oil refineries is based on the design drawings. To learn and work in the piping system, a thorough understanding of the lines, symbols, acronyms,
measurements, codes and standards are given in the drawings should be ensured. Pipe Fabrication is the technology that enables the fabrication of the piping system. The Pipe Fabrication Technology Course will give the trainees sufficient technical knowledge and skills necessary for the fabrication of piping system and thus make the trainees
competent enough to obtain lucrative jobs in oil refineries, gas process plants, and onshore / offshore rigs.

Examination & Certification

At each stage of the course, tests and exams are conducted to assess the ability and understanding of the trainees. A final examination will be conducted at the end of the training to evaluate
the competency of the trainees. “Diploma in Piping Technician” will be issued to successful students accredited by International Accreditation Organization, Houston, USA.